Second Day of Shooting

Second day of shooting for me, next to last day for the movie. Make-a sense?

Oh, this movie stuff is crazy. A month ago I had to react to the dancers' performance based on my feelings about them that I improvised in a scene today. Eek. Also, I had to try and remember the voice I was doing for Mike Wellington, which had already drifted from my original idea.

I think I managed to cover any continuity problems with the outrageousness of the threats I had Mike Wellington heap on the head of poor Zoe. If Matt doesn't use the "I'll burn down your house" take, I don't know what he's thinking. And thank goodness for the beret idea - my hair's an inch or two longer than last month, but it's all hidden under that silly, silly hat.

And in more me, me, me-news, Matt said that he was thinking of using my ramblings about the art of dance (from the interview last month) as a voice-over for a trailer for the movie. Maybe he even did, he said he was going to show it at the wrap party, which unfortunately I had to miss because of a rehearsal.

A correction: Tracy is the Assistant Director. I found this out on the newly updated Gravy Train Films site.