Steve Gadlin's Star Makers

I know it’s asking a lot in these frenetic times, but if you can carve out 29 minutes from your schedule today, please watch the entire pilot episode of Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers. If you’re a fan of the kind of comedy we do around here and with our work with Blewt, I think it will be well worth your time:

If you only have a few minutes, please watch the opening, because I labored over that thing, and Erica’s segment, because it’s hilarious (and who is that handsome space-gas-station attendant?):

We had a blast filming this thing at a cable access station out in Skokie (with tons of assistance from the World of the Weird Monster Show crew) and then I’ve had a different kind of blast remembering how to deal with Standard Def DV footage and building the opening and so on. I can’t wait until we film some more.