The Challenge 2006

FuzzyCo is doing the Challenge again this year, and I just got home from writing our script. The Challenge is the oddest of the fast-filmmaking contests we enter -- over the course of this long weekend we'll make a third each of three movies. The script we wrote tonight will passed off to another team tomorrow morning, and we'll get a script that was written for our team's actors. And then Sunday morning we'll hand off the footage we've shot to yet another team to edit, and receive footage that we'll edit.

The past two times we've done the Challenge, I was exempt from doing the writing portion since I was going to be doing the editing segment all by myself. This year, though, we had a couple last minute back-outs and the writing team was down to just Shaun. So I said I'd help him. Thinking I was excused, I had already planned on going to see X-Men 3 tonight. Driving from picking up the suggestions we needed to base our script around (genre: sci-fi comedy, target audience: desparate housewives) to the movie, I got a flash of inspiration and so I had a couple of phone-conferences with Shaun to get him started working on a script based on my brilliant ideas. When I finally met up with him (awesome movie, by the way), he had been unclear enough about my ideas that he had decided to just wait for me. Well, heck, it's my blog so let's just say that I wrote the whole thing while Shaun played Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and failed, over and over, to get past Moloch.

Oh, here's a weird thing... the actors we were (I was) writing our script for: we know them all. Megan Grano, Allison Bills, Bumper Carroll, and Pat McKenna. All four great improvisors, so we thought for a minute of just handing them a script that said "say funny things here".

OK, I'd better get to bed, so I can wake up in time to do the hand off in the morning and start filiming.