We put the semi- in semi-finalist

Second City ShortcutsSemi like a truck, that is -- I just found out today that Ted McGillicutty, Man of Action has been selected as one of 15 semi-finalists (out of 113 entries) in the Second City Shortcuts Film Festival. The semi-finalists will be narrowed down by a committee to a field of 10 and shown on July 31 and August 7.

It's odd how un-nervous I am about this -- probably because we did the real work so long ago (though my contact did suggest that I color-correct part of Ted before I handed in my final copy). So much of my background is in live performance that it still feels a little magical to me that we have this tape and people can see it who haven't seen it before and they enjoy it as much as people who saw it before.

Update: Here's the list of the 15 semi-finalists