Victory Collage

James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub Party salutes themselves

I forgot to get a victory photo right after our game yesterday, so I got a picture of each member of James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub Party at the Four Treys hoisting a victory toast. Last night was the last game of the regular fall season, which we finished 7-1. Evidently, there has been some controversy over the league standings. The Chicago Kickball website has been calculating standings usually some complicated formula that takes into account runs earned and against, etc. By those standings, James Brown CHTP is #1. But the WAKA standings are just based on wins-losses, with the tie-breaker being who won in head-to-head meetings, so by that account Navy Menace is #1, since our one loss was to them. In any case, we're #1 or #2! We're #1.5! Next week the playoffs begin and conclude next Saturday.

Collage of Eh

To balance out all the happy faces above, I present a collage of (from left to right) "I am sad that James Brown CHTP has defeated my team again", "I am proud to be number 3", and "Look at my owie".