Another brick in the wall

We made the last big push and got Erica all moved out of her apartment this weekend. All moved out of there and all moved in here. Well, "all moved in" as in everything of hers is inside the building. Not all unpacked and sorted and filed. But then, I'm not all unpacked from moving in here a year ago.

But what I want to tell you about is a loose brick in the wall at ComedySportz.

Documentary South opens this week, a few weeks ahead of the original schedule, and so Dan was pushing us pretty hard at rehearsal tonight. When I'm standing "off-stage," which in the "Colonial Room" rehearsal space at ComedySportz means at the back of the room, I try so hard to listen to what my fellow improvisors are creating in scenes and absorb the feel of the piece and imagine how my characters could contribute, but without getting too much in my head and so on and so forth... but I'm a fiddler and there's this loose brick in the doorway of the room and I stand in the doorway and put my hand on the brick. And I move the brick out as far as it goes (which isn't very far -- it's completely loose, but it's trapped by the doorframe) and put it back in. And take it out and put it back in. And take it out and put it back in.

I think I had a good rehearsal tonight, but man that's a fidgetable brick.