Charleston and Columbia

DSTW crew

So after a perfectly hideous time getting there, Erica and I got to Charleston, South Carolina on Friday afternoon and had a perfectly lovely time the rest of the weekend.

We were in town to be 2/3 of the comedians in Don't Spit the Water at the Charleston Comedy Festival (Mike Wiley was the third).

I was both excited and nervous because, while I've been a guest comic, and have even hosted the show, the only other time I've been a try-and-make-the-contestants-spit comic was for a Halloween show where I was playing Erica's character Cutie Bumblesnatch, so all my bits were written for me. This was going to be my first time using my own material to try and make an audience member laugh so hard that they embarrassed themselves in front of their friends by spitting out a mouthful of water.

And I'm happy to report it went very well -- I got a couple of spits the first night, even with the biggest jag-mo contestant the show has ever seen throwing off the stats. And the second night went well, as well, with lots of people telling us after the show how hilarious they thought the whole thing was.

After the show on Saturday, I led the whole crew on one of my infamous Fuzzy-is-fixated-on-the-perfect-meal journeys, with the added twist that the place was closed when we got there. Sorry, fellows. So we ended up eating at a chicken place and then barely escaping before the Jazz/Funk Fusion Band With Flute and Steel Drums started playing. And then Christopher drove Erica and I to Columbia, South Carolina.

Sunday we got to spend a lazy day in Columbia with Christopher and Katie, and we got to meet Mokey. In the afternoon, we had a delightful (for certain values of delight) waiting at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport for our much delayed flight. The delay did give us the opportunity to watch the entire Bears-Saints game.