Four chances to see Team Gerdes in action

Tonight, Blewt! Sings! at Trader Todd's -- help send our rag-tag band of comedians to LA to make it big. Erica will be performing a song this evening as Cutie Bumblesnatch. I'll be handing out buttons and working on those unlimited drinks.

Friday, Pastor of Muppets at The Playground. Humbly, we continue to be delightful and I have every expectation we will be so that evening.

Saturday, you can see that aforementioned rag-tag band performing Don't Spit the Water at The Playground at 10. Erica will be returning to the stage as Cutie after a six-month hiatus. I'll be in the booth as Mr. Pickles, the announcer who loves pickles. At midnight, I'll be doing some standup at the Belmont Burlesque Revue. Might it naughty standup? It might, it might.

(If you're in LA, there's a bonus 5th chance just for you on Wednesday.)