Impress These Apes 2 - Cast Meeting


The Impress These Apes (2! Electric Boogaloo!) cast got together last week for an informational meeting and a little cast bonding. Bryan (aka Timekeeper Willis), who will be the "cast liason", ran us through some bonding exercises like "buying us beer" and "having us draw randomly-generated tattoos on each other with washable markers. Above is Studard with the "evil guitar" I drew on her.

We also got our first challenge -- write an autobiographical song that will introduce us to the judges and audience. We have to accompany ourselves by playing some sort of musical instrument. It's the same first challenge as last season, but they told us it'd be one of the few repeated challenges. For a trip down memory lane, here's Erica's entry for that same challenge. It's a lot to live up to.