Impress These Apes - Week 6 - Teaser

Tonight... we dance.

During last week's show we all randomly pulled CDs out of a bucket. The CDs paired you up with another contestant -- I got paired with Jarrad -- and they contained a song we'd have to perform a dance to -- we got Jump, Jive an' Wail by Louis Prima. The dances have to be in the style of the song and tell a story -- which is interesting, since Jump, Jive an' Wail doesn't really make any sense.

Also, Jarrad moved this last weekend, so we didn't get together until Sunday night. But then we choreographed the whole song in a marathon 3 hours -- which is pretty good, since I know that Erica and Jeff will often get together two or three times to work through a 3 minute song. And we've rehearsed a whole two times since then! We're on fire! (Help, help, I'm on fire!) So come to the show tonight and watch us dance our awesome dance.