Last Weekend

I've got a half-written post trying to catch y'all up on our first four Neutrino Project shows, so I'll just add last Friday's to that list and make it five. (Which means we're officially more-than-halfway through the run. Four shows left in Chicago. A few weeks ago I'd tell people they had "plenty of chances to see the show". Now it's, "hurry, we close soon!")

Anyway, I really want to mention two other shows that took place this weekend: both in front of really light holiday-weekend audiences, but both really excellent. On Saturday night, KOKO did a show at the Playground. Normally a 5-lady ensemble, conflicts meant that they were down to 2: Erica and Andrea Swanson. They thought about bowing out, but went ahead and did the show and I'm glad they did. They did one long scene with two college roommates talking in a bathroom, with some hilarious delayed reactions. Really strong, patient, funny stuff.

And at midnight we did our penultimate Documentary South (also at the Playground, as part of DSI's Afterparty show). We were also light - down from 8 to 5, and we've previously had energy problems with that midnight slot and our rather thinky form, but Saturday we just brought it. We presented the ultimately-interlocking stories of an elderly couple and a ratings-hungry cooking show. I, personally, finally broke out of the weird shell that has kept me pretty light in these shows. Modesty aside, it was a really good show. There's only one show left (next Saturday, September 17), which will be your last chance to see this very strong cast do an innovative improvisational form.