One-Time and Last-Times to See

Ninja III rhsl
Ninja III rehearsal

Tonight we're doing our one and only performance of Ninja III: The Domination as part of the Neo-Futurists' It Came From the Neo-Futurarium series of staged readings of terrible movies. I love bad movies and I've wanted to be a part of this annual series for some time now -- this year I happened to luck into a part in Camenae's production when someone dropped out of the cast. I'm the narrator, but in this show that's not a boring off-stage kind of thing; I'm a very active narrator. It's been a lot of fun just rehearsing this show (the cast also features Team Gerdes friends Caitlin Savage, Erik Schnitger, and Sherri Stouffer) and I can't wait to actually put it up in front of an audience tonight.

And since I'm mentioning one-off performances, I'll quickly note that Don't Spit the Water is closing its open run soon and so you have just a few chances left to see one or both halves of Team Gerdes in spit-inducing action. Erica will be performing as Cutie Bumblesnatch just one more time, on August 9. I'll be up in the booth as your favorite announcer, 100% Gerdes, on July 26 and August 9 and I'll be on stage as a comedian on August 2. As which one of the many I've played? I'll let you (help) decide. Take this poll! I've turned off the feature that blocks multiple votes, so feel free to stuff the ballot box, or suggest other characters you'd like to see.