Open Court

I just got back from Guest Coaching at Open Court. Calling it "coaching" is generous -- you have about 5 minutes to warm up your randomly selected team and introduce them to whatever "form" you've come up with, and then you play with the team. ("Giving pointers," Bob Ladewig says. "How, if I'm in the show?" I asked. "By doing good work," Bob says.)

Regardless, my team, "Dickless Dickprov," embraced my ridiculous rule and I had a blast and I think everyone else did, too. "Dickprov," because our team was 10 guys and one woman. "Dickless," because of my rule -- editing could only happen from within a scene -- no one could be a dick and edit a scene before the players in the scene felt they were done with it. And when a scene was edited, by one of the players breaking character and telling the audience, "well, that's enough of that," the rest of the team applauded from the sidelines and yell, "good scene!"

Thanks, Dickless Dickprov, you made me proud.