Puppet Improv

ngpc puppet improv rehearsal by greg inda
Photo by Greg Inda

I had decided to take pretty much the entire year of 2013 off from performing, to concentrate on the early-morning hours that training for the Iron Man will take up. But the Noah Ginex Puppet Company was once again accepted into the Chicago Improv Festival (they have a whole Puppet Improv category this year) and the rehearsals and performances fell nicely into the training dip after the marathon and before my hardqore IM training starts. And Erica is directing the group, so I’d just be sitting at home alone if I didn’t participate. And I love the group, both the humans and the puppets—we’re doing a thing where our puppets are established characters, in new situations from the improv suggestions. Above you can see Henrietta, who is a pretty, pretty princess and not afraid to let you know that.

So, next Friday and Saturday, April 5 and 6, you can can see NGPC performing at the CIC (1422 W Irving Park, Chicago). Tickets are $15.