Substitute Unfairy

Ninja and Unfairy

So since Dan (F) was stuck downstate this weekend, Dan (T) sat in on Rogue 8 as the Unfairy. He did quite a fine job, especially on such short notice.

It also brought me some surprising discoveries about my character. When I first started rehearsing this play after so many years of mainly improv performances I was a little uncertain about a) my ability to memorizing lines and b) how bored I might get doing the same show every night. But I've been pleased to discover that I'm having a lot of fun really trying to listen to my fellow actors each night and then have that provoke the lines (and actions) that I have to say (and do) anyway. So suddenly having Dan thrown into the mix really made me pay attention to him (especially since he didn't know any of the blocking that Dan and I have, so I actually had to watch out to make sure I wasn't running into him or anything) and that made me realize some things about my character -- nothing earth-shattering, but little things* that I think will let me make these last two weeks (well, one week, now) even just slightly better.

* The way I stand in one scene, for example. I'm sure you won't notice. I hope you won't notice. I hope you'll just think, "look out, a ninja!"