The Local News

FuzzyCo is proud to present a single performance of our new show The Local News. The show will be performed this Friday evening at 11 pm at the Improv Kitchen (3419 N Clark St). Tickets are $10.

This is something of an experiment -- Shaun, Lillie Frances, and I have been developing the show largely by email over the last few weeks and now we've brought the cast in for an intensive week of rehearsals and outside assignments. The show is going to be a mix of live improvisation and pre-filmed pieces to create a complete local news broadcast.

As so often with FuzzyCo shows, I'm impressed and honored with the quality of folks who are willing to come and participate in our crazy ideas: Andrea Swanson, Josh Chamberlin, Sean Cusick, Chris McConnell, Jin Kim, Erica Reid, Kristen Freilich, and Greg Inda are all part of the cast.