100% Sold Out

We're now officially 100% sold out for the last two weeks of The Neutrino Project. We do release reservations at 10:15 on the night of show, so if you can brave the cold you can try to get in. As far as I know, we're not doing reservations for the February 1 midnight show, so that'll just be first-come-and-freeze-first-in. Did I mention that was my birthday weekend? As I mention every year, I don't like cake. I like pie and cookies and cheesecake and ice cream. Just not cake. Not that I'm saying that bringing a pie to the show would get you in.

Since we're all sold out, people keep asking if we're going to extend. Of course we'd love to. We can't extend in the same time slot at WNEP, because of . Which I'm sure is going to be a great show, but still, damn Dirty Bible Stories. We can't extend at WNEP in any other time slot because of all the other shows at WNEP. Damn other shows.

So that takes us to other theaters. Which means negotiations and negotiations. Which is what Shaun does all day at work, so he handles the majority of that for FuzzyCo. And I'd love to tell you all about who we're talking to about what and when, but that tends to jinx negotiations. So I can't. At this point, it doesn't look like we're going to be extended right away -- which the cast won't mind -- they've already indicated that they won't mind taking the coldest weeks of the year off.

Oh, and someone used the phrase "Fat cash" in an email to me about the show. Indeed, despite my early pessimism about making money on the show (based on the money I've lost on pretty much every other show I've produced) we're going to make a profit on the show. Which, as we promised the cast and crew, will go to the cast and crew. It's a FuzzyCo rule that everyone gets paid, even if we lose money. (We paid people $2.50 a show for the two preview Neutrino Projects. Not much, but it came straight out of my pocket.) This time, happily, I don't have to shell out my own cash to make that happen.

Wow. I wrote that last paragraph and then Shaun called -- some loaned equipment suddenly fell through for this weekend. It looks like we're going to have to go buy stuff tomorrow morning. We're not going to take that cost out of the show profits, that wouldn't be fair to the cast, but it turns a break-even show back into an expensive proposition. Poop.