240% Sold Out

One of the great things about renting from WNEP is that they handle reservations through their voice mail system. Don Hall was feeling a little under the weather this week and didn't check the voice mail for a couple days, though. We have 160 reservations for this Saturday. The theater seats about 65. We're 240% sold out! Shades of The Producers, only in reverse, or something.

So... if you want to see the show, you can either camp-out in the dangerous wind chill (we release all reservations at 10:15), or make your reservation now for next week (February 1). Next week we have two shows -- the regular show at 10:30 and then an encore midnight show. At midnight we won't actually be DOING the show, the cast and crew will be sitting in the theater watching the show and yelling and drinking. Because of the yelling and drinking, that show is only $5. Make your reservations now! Quickly! Act without thinking! 773-296-1100!