Acting for Video workshop

The cast of the Neutrino Project are all excellent improvisors (we wouldn't have asked them to be in the show if they weren't), but most of them don't have much experience or training with acting for film or video. Fortunately, my girlfriend works in the industry and I asked her for suggestions of someone to come in and give us all a crash course in acting for video. She suggested a friend of hers, Tom Groenwald.

So Tom came to NP rehearsal on Wednesday night and yelled at us a bunch (in a good way). "Too big! Too big!" We got a bunch of scenes on tape and watched them and I think it was a really good rehearsal. Next week we're going to get out into the real world, which I think will add a lot of depth to the scenes. The shape of this show is really coming into focus for me, and I can't wait to start seeing it happen.