Busy busy

Bleh. It's one of those weeks where I need to be alert and productive alllll week, or things are going to fall over. I've got two shows opening this week, and projects left over from the summer are stacking up like cordwood. Really, I shouldn't even be typing this right now -- I should be working on a spinning N for Neutrino Project 30,000. Or measuring video cables to make sure I have 60'. Or changing the voice mail at home to be the reservation line for NP30K.

Me and my technical panicking are really the only things left to worry about with these shows. The cast for Cinema 2.0 is the exact same cast as the Playground run, so they got right back up to speed. And the cast for NP30K, which as usual contains a mix of seasoned hands and new folks, just keep getting better and better. We had a rehearsal last night where we ran two full shows. The first one we didn't even watch -- we just rewound the tapes when we were done and shot the next show over that. That was very odd -- it was even more ephemeral than regular improv, since Greg and Ben are the only people in the world who know what that movie looked like.

For myself, I think I've got the hang of this whole "acting on camera" thing. In last night's rehearsal I only did 7 or 8 things that I would have yelled at myself about if I was the director. Self-promo note (not that promo-ing the show isn't already a self-promo, so I suppose this is a self-self-promo note): If you really miss my camera work, be sure to come see the October 25 show, as I'll be on camera again that night. And if you're coming to NP30K just to see me, don't come November 8, because I'll be a runner that night. But otherwise, it's all Fuzzy all the time the rest of the run.

OK, last thing: check out The Depaulia for our ad, and Friday's Red Eye and Sunday's Sun-Times for pieces about the show.