Clever eyes will notice that a name has disappeared from the cast list. That's a danger of announcing things like this so early.

Also, August 31 is, clever minds will realize, Labor Day weekend. Several cast members said things like "I'm really excited about this show, and I could cancel my travel plans. Too bad my boy/girlfriend will break up with me over this..."

So... Shaun inquired, the next next weekend was also free at WNEP, so we moved the whole thing back a week. Still only two shows, but that's better than one, eh?

First rehearsal tonight. The last improv group I directed fired me. We'll see if this group is more receptive to the Fuzzy magic. (And, of course, it's my production company, so I'm the only one who can fire me. Bwah-ha-ha.) I'm a little nervous. And I think I have a slight fever. And I overslept this morning and was 2 hours late to work. I'll stop rambling now before I end up confessing to childhood crimes.