Chugging along

The Neutrino Project is chugging along. Lillie and I did an interview today with a publication that I think I'm not suppposed to say what it is until the article comes out, so I won't. I talked so much that I only ate half of my Corner Bakery D.C. Chicken Salad sandwich -- and I love those things. I hope I let Lillie get a word in edgewise. Anyway, I'll be plugging it to pieces once it's published.

The rest of the Neutrino Project PR seems to be in place: I got a big 24"x36" version of the poster to the Improv Kitchen so they can hang it in their window. Erica and I spent our Sunday afternoon flyering in Wrigleyville and tomorrow I'll be giving the cast regular-size posters and half-size postcards. (FuzzyCo promo trick - I get regular 4"x6" postcards printed at Rocket Postcards and then cut them in half. I mean, I lay them out as small cards side-by-side, I don't just take a big postcard design and cut it in half. Oh, you know what I mean. Anyway, I did 250 and Erica did 250 last night. Chop chop chop on the ol' paper cutter that Lee Davis gave me years ago.) Oh, and buttons. Dan Telfer made me some neat lil' 1" buttons. Tell you what, if you'd like a promotional Neutrino Project 1" button, email me with your mailing address and I'll send you one. Um... while supplies last and all that.

Rehearsals, as I was telling the mystery reporter from the mystery publication, have been great. Lillie has been coming in with a ton of fun exercises and lay-ons. And one of Shaun's colleagues in the gaming industry who does cinematography for video game cut-scenes came out to a rehearsal and gave us all a Cinematography 101 lesson. I'm a self-taught film-maker and I learned a ton in just that hour. For example, I had never known the 180°ree; rule. And now I do. Too bad I'm an actor in this run.