Cranking back up

We started rehearsals last night for a tweaked "Neutrino Project 30,000". We're changing several about the show other than just the name:

  • we're in a new theater. We're excited to bring NP30K to the 3 Penny Cinema, 2424 N Lincoln. It's an actual movie theater, which seems like an ideal venue for the show, the neighborhood has a number of interesting locations, which is so helpful for this show, and it's just up the street from DePaul University which frankly we're hoping will provide us with scads of audience members.
  • Shaun and I are swapping roles -- he's going to be the director and a videographer for this run and I'm going to be an actor. I'm a little nervous about being on camera. And I'm worried that everyone's going to like Shaun as a director better than me. Does everything have to be a competition between us? No, it just is.
  • Shaun's tweaking the format of the show -- messing around with the the timing and order of the scenes to give the show a better flow. New charts!

Rehearsal was fine. We've already burned one real-world location (they won't let us back in that laundromat any more) which is sort of an occupational hazard of the show -- we try not to be jerks, but some people get freaked out by the combination of our antics in character and the cameras. Fortunately, it's just near our rehearsal location, not the 3 Penny.