Critic's Choice

Things are heating up as we move towards the Chicago Improv Festival. I've been spending all my time editing video for a play called Versailles that opens on Monday. And I've been spending all my time getting ready for doing The Neutrino Project at the CIF on Thursday. Which is 2 x "all my time". Oh, and we got the MSI gig. And Bare will be up at the CIF on Friday. Anything else?

Oh yeah, The Neutrino Project/Neutrino Video Projects is a Critic's Choice in this week's Chicago Reader.

We had a Neutrino Project rehearsal this week. We spent the first hour watching a great (and hilarious, but great nonetheless) video, Michael Caine on Acting in Film. We devised a great drinking game where you do a shot every time Michael Caine says, "Here, let me sit there and show you."