Crunch Time

So I had a little personal crisis and decided, at the last minute, to join my family holiday gathering at my sister's place in Austin, Texas. We had a lovely time, hanging out with my insufferably cute niece and nephew. (My brother's Christmas present was the anime-style sketch of me that's now on the top of the main page.)

What does that have to do with The Neutrino Project? Well, between the crisis and the unexpected travel, I now have just a few days to get ready for our final tech/dress rehearsal on Monday. I'm working at Rive Gauche tonight (I take pictures for their galleries) until 4 am, so I'll be sleeping in tomorrow but then the rest of the weekend is going to be spent blanking tapes and double-checking equipment.

We're almost out of postcards, so the half-postcards came in just in time. Half-postcards? Whenever I work at Rive Gauche, I always come home with a stack of flyers that other clubs have stuck in the window of my car. These flyers are seldom a stock 4x6" postcard, but rather are a variety of shapes and sizes. Shaun saw a long bookmark-sized one and said, "I want ones like this for The Neutrino Project!" and then went off to play Vice City for 6 hours while I figured out how to make it happen. (This is generally the way FuzzyCo staff meetings go.) I didn't want to get into custom-size printing costs, so I laid out two 2x6" cards on a 4x6" card and had them printed at Rocket Postcards. Then we had Kinko's chop them in half and, voila, 1000 bookmark-sized flyers for the cost of 500 postcards. I think they're a great hand-out size.

We also got stickers. They just have the name and logo, and they're black-and-white, and I mainly got them for people to stick on their Trapper Keeper or whatever (besides, they're cheap from The Sticker Guy).