Don't forget to bring a TV

"Don't forget to bring a TV." That's my #1 note to myself as a director of this show. We switched rehearsal locations this week and my plans to have a TV at this new location fell through at the last minute on Wednesday. So... "How'd everybody feel about that?" was the best I could do for notes. It was OK on one level, though, because I was losing my voice and really was terribly ill. I had to sit down at one point because my chest muscles hurt from coughing. I think I did an OK job of keeping a brave face on for the cast, though, and not wasting time feeling sick. (A Mick-ism is "You can be tired, just don't act tired.")

We got through two full shows, too. I had the runners practice running the tapes back to the theater, but to save wear and tear on tapes I had the camera guys use the same tape for all their scenes. I hope the runners didn't feel too dopey running around the neighborhood with imaginary tapes. With one exception, we were right on with our timing for the both shows, which was good for the first time we've run the whole complicated structure since September.

We'll definitely have a TV this week. I swear.