Graphic Design & Liz Allen

We're only doing two shows, and as I said they're trial balloons, so we're not doing the usual FuzzyCo massive media blitz (Shaun's in the middle of a FCMMB for One Man Scene). But I thought it'd be nice if we had a poster, at least. Matt Murphy did a great poster/postcard design of a fork being stuck into a socket for the New York Neutrino, and so we asked his permission to use the same idea for our show. He very graciously gave his permission.

But I wanted to have something that, while the same idea, was also my own creation. So I took a new picture of a hand poking a fork at an outlet (kids, don't try this at home) and doodled around in Photoshop until I had something cool-looking, slapped some text on it and...... realized that I had nearly recreated Matt's original design. Oh well, let's call it homage.

I took Liz Allen's class on "Coaching a Cohesive Ensemble" at the Playground Masters Class today. Her "method" starts with a one-year plan, but I got some good ideas for the 3 rehearsals we have left. We'll see how the cast likes pretending to be zoo animals :-).