Heading off to Utah

This weekend Greg Inda and I will be heading off to Salt Lake City Utah to meet up with Jose Gonzalez (and maybe Mark Jordan) of the Phoenix Neutrino Project for a whole mess of teaching and shows. We're going to be teaching workshops to two different casts on Friday and Saturday that will each culminate in a performance of a Neutrino Project improvised movie.

The Friday show will be preceeded by a Zombie March and feature a showing of my short film Zombies! and a performance by the Thrillionaires.

The Saturday show will feature a performance by my old friends JoKyR and Jesster and will be followed by an all-star Sickest F***in' Stories I Ever Heard.

Details of performance times and locations are on The Slapstick Association's MySpace page.

(Also, that weekend is when I should be doing my 8 mile training run -- but I'm a little concerned since Salt Lake City is at 4,000 feet and it's supposed to be around 100°ree; this weekend. Maybe I'll wait until Sunday night when I'm back in ol' sea level Chicago.)