Last Minutes

Happy New-trino Year!

The Tech/Dress on Monday went far better than I could have hoped, given all the technical problems we've been having in rehearsal. Our biggest technical glitch was a single tape that simply wouldn't play until Greg ejected and re-inserted it two or three times. But then it did, so problem solved. Hopefully. My ad-hoc, untested sound system worked fine ($20 computer speakers from MicroCenter!), I figured out a work around for a missing player, and even my lousy old 8mm camcorder worked fine.

And the acting... oh, I was so happy with the acting. Everyone had a great balance between interesting situations and emotional relationships between the characters in those situations. Even the fever-dream sequence between far-too-sick-to-leave-the-house-but-she-came-anyway-because-I-asked Jen Shepard and Phillip. If we do that same exact show on Saturday (hey, there's a thought... nah) I'd be very, very happy.

Now all I have to do is most of the things I had planned to get done last weekend. And a few more. I came up with a great idea for the pre-show on Monday (you know how they do trivia and ads before the movies? I'm going to do that) but it definitely falls into the category of "more work for me," and I have no one else to blame.

More pictures! We've got a cast photo and a gallery of publicity pictures (all taken by the inimitable Aaron Gang. If you're a news outlet and would like to print any of the latter pictures, contact me and I'll get you a high resolution copy.