Mighty Mango-go

Man, if 540% RDA Vitamin C doesn't do something for this lingering ick I've got, what will?

So we're doing The Neutrino Project this weekend and next. The two-week run is a bit of awkward timing (we're opening! we're closing!), but between all the Neutrino cast members getting married this summer and The Science Project and Bare's out-of-town trips, these two weeks were the only two weekends we could do before September. And we didn't want the opportunity to perform at such a large and beautiful space to slip out of our hands. Even if it means killing ourselves to make it happen.

Or killing each other. Shaun and I have been at each other's throats since before Omaha. I even know I'm doing it, and I can't stop myself from snapping at him over the most trival things. (I yelled at him about a napkin at the Vidiocy showing this Tuesday. A napkin that he was giving me as I had requested. The nerve.)

Anyway, speaking of Vidiocy, Cesar and Adam's Vidiocy entries both made it into the semi-finals and Adam's took 3rd place, so yay! for the Neutrino folks. We'll be showing their entries at the Neutrino Project show. (Not-too-surprisingly, Shaun's entry that we made in 2 1/2 hours the night it was due, didn't make the cut.)

And speaking of making the cut, Ben Taylor, who was Musical Director for Cinema 2.0 and did such a great job on that show is joining The Neutrino Project with the same title. Ben will be DJing and performing live music to create an improvised score for the improvised movie.

And speaking of the Lakeshore Theater (work with me, here), you should know that they finally got their liquor license and will be serving. Booze, that is. Also, the Lakeshore has 330 seats and has been very nicely renovated, which is cool given its long history in the neighborhood. And speaking of 330 seats -- if you ever had trouble seeing our early runs because we kept selling out, well... this is your chance (not that I'm saying we can't sell out that many seats, I'm just being realistic).