Opening night! - "Narcolepsy"

FuzzyCo at Lakeshore Theater All told, everything went very, very well for our first show at Lakeshore Theater.

The dimensions of the theater and the constraints of our projector meant that we had to use rear-projection. Which we had never done before. So we arranged for a rental screen and crossed our fingers. We formulated a series of back up plans, but fortunately didn't have to use any of them because the projection looked great.

Ben Taylor A huge leap forward for this show was the addition of Ben Taylor as musical director. Ben was half of the band for Cinema 2.0, and just as I found with that show, that music fills out a movie enormously, the same was true with The Neutrino Project. Ben played bass, drum machine, effects box, and iPod and everyone said the music was great. (I had set up a VCR to tape the show, but forgot to press record before I left the theater. I had Megan do it when I remembered, but we only got the last 20 minutes of the show. That 20 minutes sounded great, so I trust that the rest was great, too.)

Fuzzy and Shaun and Emo Phillips The show was rather good, too. The suggestion was "Narcolepsy" and we had the world's worst cop duo, a narcoleptic date that ended in an accidental death, a very over-protective friend, and a dream sequence.

The only down-side to the whole night was that there were only 62 people in the audience, our smallest audience yet. We didn't have a lot of time to do advance PR, but it was still a little disappointing, especially in a 330-seat theater. One of those sixty-two, though, was Emo Philips. Evidently, he liked the show. Emo is going to be performing with our friends Bassprov on Wednesday at WNEP.