Our suggestion was "Penis" (and then seconds later, "Sea Monkeys") but Shaun went with that first gutteral utterance. It all worked out, though. The opening montage that Michael films about half an hour before the show started with an image of a billboard that just said "Mr. Right" and it was improv-magic on improv-magic from there on in.

This show, like the first one, ended in a make-out session. There must be something about the absence of an audience that lets the actors do things let probably wouldn't on stage.

This was "closing night", since we only did two shows this time around. So now I'm just making tapes for the cast and crew (unlike most improv shows, this one ends with a product that's much the same as what the audience saw) and we're looking at venues to mount a longer run in early 2003. Watch the FuzzyCo home page for updates.