PIF Neutrino Thanks

I got a little flack in the comments on the last PIF entry for leaving someone out of my list of who participated in the Neutrino Video Project here at the Phoenix Improv Festival. So I thought I'd do a complete shout-out:

Tyler Barkley (Seattle Neutrino Project)
Ali Davis (Baby Wants Candy)
Jose Gonzalez (Galapagos, PIF)
Dan Izzo (Improv Inferno)
Trish Izzo (Improv Inferno)
Pam Man (Seattle Neutrino Project)
Matt Owens (Seattle Neutrino Project)
Ian Schempp (Seattle Neutrino Project)

Fuzzy Gerdes (Chicago Neutrino Project)
Shaun Himmerick (Chicago Neutrino Project)
Michael Starcevich (Chicago Neutrino Project)

Jesse Parent (JoKyR and Jesster)
Joseph Kyle Rogan (JoKyR and Jesster)
Darin Webb (Apollo 12)

In the Booth
Greg Inda (Chicago Neutrino Project)
Mark Jordan (PIF)

Super thanks to each and every one, and to the Phoenix Improv Festival for making it possible.