Technical Difficulties

So first, I brought the wrong cable for the iBook, so all the footage from last week that I had so carefully captured was only visible by everyone crowding around the iBook's tiny screen.

And then the speaker on the video projector proved to be terrible and the scenes were nearly impossible to hear. Fortunately, Lance saved the day. Lance had an idea about trying to integrate music into the scenes and so had brought a minidisc player and some battery-powered speakers to rehearsal. We were able to hook his speakers up to the headphone jack of each camera to hear our scenes as well as watch them.

Most of the scenes last night were pretty mellow. Except for Dan and Phillip in the shower scene. That was some hot, hot, pretending-we're-naked-by-casting-shadows-behind-a-curtain-with-Lance-making-the-shower-sound-with-his-mouth action.