"The Audience"

Cinema 1 - Neutrino Project 30,000So we opened Neutrino Project 30,000 at the 3 Penny Cinema on Saturday night. Opening night was a little rocky from a technical perspective. We were in a different theater than we had been planning on and my cable bag was a mess and we plugged the projector into an outlet that turned out to be controlled by the house-lights switch, so when Shaun turned off the house-lights as he left the theater, the projector went out, too. Fortunately, Greg kept his head and figured out the problem.

It's really great to see our freshly-made movie up on the big screen. We have, however, learned some things about movie theaters. They don't, for example, have a back stage. Nor is the sound system really designed to have anything plugged into it.

I'll report that I felt great about my Neutrino Project acting debut. I just counted up and realized that I've been on the Neutrino screen three times before (twice here and once in NY) but somehow this felt like a beginning -- being an actor for the whole run and all. Becky Eldridge and I did a fairly grounded set of scenes about a couple on their fourth date.