Toronto arrival

I'm sitting in Slap Happy's Kerry Griffin's living room, blanking the rest of the tapes for the shows this weekend and watching Rounders on TV. (Hey! John Malkovich is the Russian bad guy!)

I came into town a day early to be a point man in case anything needed doing. Other than the tapes, it doesn't seem like anything needs doing. Oh well. But it did mean I got to see the Second City Toronto mainstage show - "Invasion Free Since 1812" - with Slap Happy's Sandy Jobin-Bevins. And I both worked my way into the improv set and was invited. (It had been recommended to me that sitting in on the set was a good way to promote the show, so I had asked Carlie if that was OK. Sandy evidently didn't know about that and when he saw me after the second act he asked if I'd like to do the set.) It's only my second Second City improv set sit-in, and the other one was a TourCo show in Arlington Heights, so... I was a little nervous. You wanna be cool for the cool kids, you know. But it was fun. I jumped out near the beginning playng a parakeet with my hands. Who became the main character of the scene. After that, it all seems easy.

A bonus feature of watching Rounders is that I've now seen Sandy's new commercial for the Cash for Life lottery 3 times. Sandy and his family! Sandy in a beret! Old Sandy!

Oh, and I don't want to say that Toronto street signs are terrible. But they are. I got lost 5 times trying to get from Second City to Kerry's house.

OK, if you're in Toronto. Or eastern Canada. Or upstate New York. Come see one of the four Chicago Neutrino Project shows this weekend.