Erik Gerdes

Fuzzy Gerdes is really easy to find, but if any of my pre-college friends were trying to find me, they'd be looking for Erik Gerdes. So I thought I'd leave a little Google-bait here with some biographical info that might help people find me.

I'm not the one other Erik Gerdes in the U.S. who is now a doctor in Illinois and who went to Case Western Reserve. Neither am I any of the 16 Eric Gerdeses. But it probably doesn't hurt to put "Eric" on this page for people who can't remember how I spell my name.

I went to 3rd through 9th grades in Columbia, Maryland and attended Talbot Springs Elementary School, Owen Brown Middle School, and Hammond High School. If I had stayed in the US I would have been Class of 1988.

10th through 12th grades I went to Pembroke School in Kensington Gardens, South Australia. I attended one trimester at Adelaide University and then came back to the states and went to Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. I graduated with a degree in computer science in Class of 1992.

Some friends of mine that I've tried to find, just to bait their names, include:
Cate Rogers
Danielle Poulos
Eric Fisher
James "Murph" Murphy

If I'm the Erik Gerdes you're looking for, you can email me or check me on MySpace or Facebook if that's more your speed.