FuzzyFest 2008: The big day

So day three of FuzzyFest 2008 was the big day -- my actual birthday. And I have to say it was a pretty great day. Erica and I met up with Shaun at the Little Corner Restaurant for my favorite breakfast (pork chops with two eggs-scrambled, raisin toast-buttered, grits, coffee -- 7 points in the Ordering Game). After breakfast, Erica surprised me by whisking me away to a massage and pedicure. On the way home we stopped at Metropolis and had a nice conversation with one of the roasters about their different blends and picked up some coffee for home and Erica's office. We made the tiniest effort to straighten up the house and then went out to dinner with some friends. Everyone came back to our place during the snowstorm for pie and coffee and kitty wigs. And then Noah stuck around afterwards to show Erica and I how to remix songs in GarageBand. How can you beat a day like that?

Thanks to everyone for all the kind emails and text messages and phone calls and Twitter shoutouts and Facebook wall writings and MySpace comments.