FuzzyFest 2009 - recap


So, I had a birthday party on Friday. It must have been fun, because as we were going through the photos tonight there were some things that I didn't remember happening. Good times. The things I do remember happening include:

Getting three pies from Hoosier Mama Pie Company. I love their motto -- "Keep Your Fork, There's Pie!" And I love their pies. We got an apple, a key lime, and a peanut butter. I think my favorite was the apple, but they were all good. (The pizzas were from Apart Pizza, who we also heartily recommend.)

Making all my friends do shots of Malört. My goodness, it's amazing that my friends still speak to me (and the photos make my party look a little more grim than it really was). We went through most of a bottle at the party.

I set out a pile of paper and pens and asked my guests to draw a cartoon of me. A bunch of people drew a bunch of great cartoons (you can see them at the end of this set). They're all awesome, but I want to point out the Coraline-inspired Other Fuzzy, Shauna's comic book, and me bopping everyone on the head with Malört.

In a number of the cartoons, I'm wearing a number 7 football jersey. That's because, as pictured above, Shaun gave me a number 7 Pittsburgh Steelers jersey (that is, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger) right at the start of the party. Shaun didn't give the jersey because I'm any sort of fan of the Steelers or Mr. Roethlisberger. It's because…

So during the Super Bowl party we had at Shaun's house a couple of people noted that Ben Roethlisberger looked a bit like me (like my "giant, bloated cousin" someone said). I didn't see him much in the game without his helmet on, so I wasn't sure what he really looked like, but whatever. The day after the game, I was looking at my Flickr stats (as one does) and noticed that a random picture had gotten 243 views the day before. Oddly, it was just the Now Me half of the Young Me, Now Me diptych I did last year -- the photos pick up views every now and then, but usually as a pair. I followed the referring stats and found that all the hits were coming from a Cleveland Browns fan forum where 'Chase1996' had posted that:

I was using StumbleUpon this evening (great plug in BTW) when I Stumbled on this Flickr page....is it me, or does he look remarkably like Ben Roethlisberger?

Browse through his photostream...several pics of him that I think pass for Ben....anyone else agree?

'cdunfee1289' thought that it was a good enough likeness that it deserved some Photoshopping:

Fuzzy Roethlisberger

And that is why Shaun thought I needed a #7 Steelers jersey.