Laser Eyes

My sweetheart is giving me two great gifts for Valentine's Day.

For one, she let me order a new iPod. My last one broke months ago and I've been limping along with some half-ass solutions (an old 256 MB MP3 player, my PSP, etc). I'm pretty sure it's just the harddrive, but as I went to order a replacement, it was going to be in the $100+ range and I'd still be warranty-less. So, I'm getting a brand-new black 30GB iPod. Video! 2 years of Apple Care!

And for another, tomorrow on Valentine's Day itself, robots are going to shoot lasers at my eyes.

Which is to say that I'm getting laser corrective surgery. In my eyes! Lasers!

I am simultaneously excited (I've been actively planning this for a year and a half now) and terrified (I use my eyes a lot). I'm very confident in the procedure and the staff at Northwestern Laser Vision Center, but the most important question is "will I still be as cute and lovable without my geeky glasses?"