Movember - Days 10 to 14

Movember - Day 10

Movember Day 10 (Thursday, November 10th to normal people) started out in Los Angeles. LA traffic is so clichedly bad that picking an evening flight time home is tricky. If you take a 5 pm flight, you have to leave the office by 3 pm at the latest. If you take a 7 pm flight, as I did, you have to leave by… 3:30 or so. I got out of the office at 4 pm and then spent 45 minutes going the mile and a half to the freeway. I can also see where the cliche of the person do 3 or 4 tasks while driving comes from in LA: if you spend a big part of your commute going 2 miles-per-hour, you probably can safely drink coffee, work a Blackberry, and read a comic book all at the same time. And once you've done that for an hour or two, you figure you're pretty good at it even if traffic does pick up to 20 or 30 mph.

Long-drive-short, I made it to the airport in just enough time to run through my preflight checklist: fill water-bottle, check; visit the restroom, check; pick up a Wolfgang Puck sandwich-to-go; check. I got it all done in time to enjoy a fine Red Trolley Ale at the bar right beside the gate and slid over to join the line while they were just finishing the "Ultra Gold Platinum Premium" boarding. I was met at the line by my old friend Brian Goodman who had even more-so just made it to the airport. He was in LA with Shaun showing [REDACTED] to [REDACTED] and it was nice to see him for a few seconds.

Movember - Day 11

Movember Day 11 was marked by my first evening off in what seems like forever. Which was good, because Erica and I had a lot of TV to catch up on. A lot.

Movember - Day 12

Saturday, our friends Andrew and Mike were in town doing a show at the House of Blues. Many thanks to them for hooking us up with passes—I could get used to the whole Opera Box over the Stage thing. Also thanks to them for introducing us, and everyone else at the HoB, to Moon Hooch. These guys are an amazing three-piece composed of two saxophonists and a drummer and they usually perform down in the New York subway. A lot of their music sounds like someone has sampled some old polka or jazz album into a funky new dance track, but it's really them live performing it all. Also cool is that because they perform in the subway, their songs mostly don't have names but just numbers that they use hand-signals to communicate to each other. Low 4 (all four fingers pointing down) is a great intro to the band and their sound.

This is a photo of Moon Hooch making [capacity of House of Blues] new fans.

Movember - Day 13

My dentist, it turns out, is open on Sundays. So when I needed to schedule a filling and crown-prep, why wouldn't I choose a Sunday afternoon appointment? Answer (for the future): because I'm terrible at remembering to eat on a weekend morning, and so by the time I was done with 2 1/2 hours in the chair, I was exhausted and starving, but couldn't get down anything more solid than a milkshake. My sweet wife made me some soup out of thin air when I got home and kept me from expiring. They really beat me up—I still feel like I have a walnut embedded in my cheek.

Movember - Day 14

See, this is the face of a man not smiling very big because of his swollen cheek (my right, your left there in the photo). But man, that moustache is coming in pretty good, huh? My brother has put some photos of his manly visage on his Movember page.