Real Fast...

Fratricide opens tonight at 10:30. If you're a Ben Taylor-fan (and who isn't), he'll be there... pushing "play" on the CD player. (Ben joined us at the last minute when we discovered that Noah would need about 3.5 hands to run all of the sound and light cues. Noah is talented, but not a mutant. Well, not that kind of mutant.)

Everything came together beautifully at our last tech run through and I can heartily recommend this sketch show that my friend Homer wrote and I directed. Especially if you like mean-spirited and self-loathing humor about young men, some of whom are gay.

Also, Bare has a show at the Playground tonight at 8:00. We're up first, followed by three delightful groups.

And Don and Jen are getting married tomorrow. Unlike the last two items, I'm not mentioning this to try to entice you to the event (oh, yeah, by the way, that's what I was trying to do with the above two items -- entice you to come to the events. I'm not typing for my health, here, people.) but rather to delight you with the notion that even a hideous monster like Don can find love in this world.