I'm not sure if I need to tell y'all about every single one of my weekend training runs -- but on the other hand, if I can't blather along on my own blog, where can I blather along?

This weekend was 10 miles -- my first foray into double digits. Matt Larsen came along for the run and was a delightful companion -- even when our slightly irregular route meant we'd finished ten miles with nearly a mile to go before we got home and he convinced me to keep on pushing and run that extra 8/10 of a mile. Even then he was delightful. Hated, but delightful.

I've been trying out a sampler pack of power gels on these longer runs, eating one somewhere after 5 miles. This week I had a pack of chocolate-flavored gel and I don't think I'll be eating that flavor again. I love chocolate, but that heavy taste just sat in my mouth for the next mile or so. Blech. I think I'll be sticking to the fruity flavors.