S'true -- I'm too tired to type more than the distance for a title.

I was going to run with Matt Larsen again this morning, but I guess he's hurt his ankle (my cell phone was a little hard to hear when I was listening to the message, so I hope that's accurate) and wants to rest it, which is entirely reasonable. I ran pretty much the route we ran last week and whole enterprise felt just a little better than last week. This week does still fall into the category "imagine how easy this will feel when I get enough rest and eat right" -- I had a show last night in the suburbs and didn't really eat dinner. I found myself at 11 pm in a gas station about to make the drive home, trying to figure out what snack food I could eat that would help me carbo-load without having too much fat. I'm not advocating Nutter Butters, but that's what I got.

Oh, and I ran out of my power gel thingies and didn't have a chance to get more. (And the stupid kiosk right near the turn-around point doesn't open until 10 am.) I was thinking of getting a case of Crank e-gels, partly because they have free shipping and then I wouldn't have to run an errand this week. Yes, says the man who just ran 11 miles, I'm that lazy. Anyone have any particular love/hate relationships with any brand of energy gel?