Marathon: Training Day 1

So, I did the first run of my 'official' marathon training this morning. As if to test my resolve about this whole enterprise, I had a little tickle in the back of throat last night and woke up this morning with a full-on sore throat and stuffed-up nose. "Too bad, body," I said to myself, "we're running anyway." It was just 3 miles, so it felt pretty regular at this point.

Not to be an ad for the Nike+ or anything (well, too late with all the charts and widgets I'm posting) but this morning was the first time I used its distance-goal mode. It was pretty nice because it meant I didn't have to stick to a specific preplanned route, I could just run along the path until the little lady in my ear said "halfway" and then turn around and retrace my steps.

I also ran into Kenner and Agnes on the path, again. They're training for the Florence Marathon (Italia!) and I need to see how their training schedule matches up with mine so maybe we can do some runs together.