Tour Da Lakefront

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Fuzzy and Shaun at Rainbow Beach Park

I was chatting with my friend Paul yesterday and he, to my comfort, confessed that he had the same attitude to exercise and training as I do -- if he isn't working towards a race, he can't get himself to run. I not only have to have big goals, but really like to combine milestones within the training for those events with other races or events.

So it was that Shaun and I did the "Tour Da Lakefront" for the second time -- riding the 18* miles from Margate Fieldhouse (4921 N Marine) to Rainbow Beach Fieldhouse (3111 E 77th) and then back. If you do even just one leg of that, the city will give you a crappy t-shirt. Free crappy t-shirt, hooray! (And really, if you've ridden all the way north or south from where you started, you're gonna hop on a bus home with your bike? Get back on that trail!)

We had done a mile swim in the lake that morning (maybe Shaun did a mile and a half? He's now mentally checked in to doing an Ironman next year, so he's treating the Olympic-length triathlon we're doing as now a stepping stone along the way to his larger goal. Me, I'm treating it as a major accomplishment.) and so it was a really good triathlon "brick" day.

Shaun and I both bought wetsuits this weekend, which means that we're no longer contrained by the Saturday morning, Tuesday evening schedule of Fleet Feet's wetsuit rental at Ohio Street Beach. It also means that now I have to go swimming in the lake all the time to justify having bought a wetsuit. Yay?

People keep asking, so I'll reiterate: Chicago Triathlon, Sunday, August 30.

* And it's actually 1.8 miles from my house to Margate Park, so it's almost 40 miles all told.