This whole training thing is kinda blowing my mind.

The previous times I've tried to pick up running I'd usually go out with a friend who was already a runner and stumble after them for 2 or 3 miles or whatever and come home completely exhausted, knees terribly sore, and swear off the whole endeavor as completely impossible. This time, I had that whole "pre-training" phase where I started out just going out for 3 mile walks with occasional jogging and worked up to jogging with occasional walks. Which makes all sorts of sense, even if I wasn't headed for a much larger goal.

And speaking of the road to that larger goal -- holy cow. Three-and-a-half weeks ago, 5 miles was a big freakin' deal. This morning, it was my easy run. I won't front, it started kinda rough, but by the time I hit the half-way mark and headed back home it felt pretty... good. Crazy, but true.