Triathlon Spectating

I'm going to be doing (racing? running?) the Chicago Triathlon this Sunday and some of y'all have expressed interest in following along either in person or via the interwebs, which is far, far too kind of everyone.

If you want to come down in person, the Triathlon has a Spectator Guide. The race starts, in general, at 6:00 am on Sunday morning (8/30). As they note, to find me, especially in the swim part, you'll need to know my "wave number, race number, cap color & start time". And unfortunately, it seems that I myself won't know those things until I do my packet pickup on Friday or Saturday. I'll update this entry as soon as I know those thing. Update: My race number is 7130. I'm in wave 43, which means I'll start swimming at 9:04 am and I'll be wearing a yellow swim cap.

You can also follow along from home by going to the race results page, which should be active on raceday. You can search by my last name, "Gerdes", so there's no need to check back here to get my race number or anything.

Thanks so much if you were even considering coming out and encouraging the athletes. I'm just a sweaty middle-aged guy who's pushing himself a little bit, but there are going to be plenty of people out on the course for whom the race is going to be a major life marker and your cheers really will help them complete the triathlon.