Sick, Omaha, Etc

It's late, I'm sick, and I'm in Omaha. Oh, and I'm wireless on a stranger's net connection for the first time ever. Thanks, gardien35.

Fuzzy in a helmet. Safety First!Why am I sick? Oh, the usual surviving on four hours of sleep a night for weeks leaving my body defenseless and unable to stave off the tiniest of germs. Saturday was a prime example: Shaun, Beth and I drove an hour up to Des Plaines for a motorcycle training course we were taking, spent the day riding around a parking lot on motorcycles (p.s. even dressed in full safe riding gear and a helmet, don't forget to put sun screen on your nose and neck. Ouch.)

Fuzzy McPirateThen we drove back to Chicago, got dressed as pirates, went to eat at Frankie J's and then to the Playground Prom. Prom, of course, means you're up until 3 am, minimum. A few hours sleep, then off to ride more motorcycles. So... I got sick. But I passed the class and I have my class M endorsement on my license now. Woo-oo!

Omaha? My friend Matt's wedding. The first of several weddings this summer. Just getting here was an adventure -- I ended up taking a one-way flight on Southwest while Shaun and Beth drove. And the bachelor party is tomorrow night, so the crazy-quotient of this trip can only increase.

FratricideOK, gotta go to bed. Lots more to write about, like Fratricide and the bad DVDs I bought tonight and then how we ended up at the Midwest's largest indoor family fun center wasting time playing classic video games, but the Nyquil is kicking in. So I'm off to snooze city.