These are the people in my neighborhoodie

I found out about Neighborhoodies from an Onion ad back in November and I've been a proud owner of an "Uptown" hoodie since shortly thereafter.

So when I found out that Michael needed people to show up for a Fox News piece to promote Neighborhoodies in Chicago last night, I was happy to do so.

It turned out to be a combo piece on Neighborhoodies and Windy City Fieldhouse, who do "team building" exercises. So they divided us hoodie-wearers up by neighborhood (West Side vs. North Side) and had the WCF people run us through sack races and walking-on-a-pair-of-planks-with-ropes and so on. About 3/4 of us were improvisors, which was probably great for their piece because everyone was hamming it up. (The rest of the people seemed to be ad sales folks from the newspapers that Neighborhoodies advertises in.)

So at least a few seconds of me will be on The Bottom Line segment of Fox News Chicago, next Friday (May 2) at 9 pm. Uptown!